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In October last year I decided it was high time that I fixed my sliding door that leads onto my deck. It was a job I had been putting off for quite some time. As a single mother I usually find dealing with tradespeople difficult. I phoned my local window company who told me to phone Main-Glass. To my surprise the following Tuesday at the agreed time there was a knock at my door. After explaining the problem I went about my normal morning duties. In no time Darren yelled out that the job was complete. I went to try it out. It was sliding with ease and the handle had been tightened so it no longer wobbles as you used it.  I got them back a few weeks later to put frosting on my bathroom window. I can honestly say that if I ever have any problems with any windows or doors, I will not hesitate to give them another call. For me the experience was all positive, they came when they said they would, they did the job without any fuss, in fact they tightened the handle for free and without being asked, and they were polite and respectful to me  at all times (something that not all tradespeople are) I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend.


Last year I decided to sell my house but my real estate agent advised me to fix my shower screen before listing the property. I had fallen against it several years ago and cracked one panel. I went into a shower screen shop who recommended Main-Glass and gave me there card. I gave them a call and someone came out to see what I needed to do.  As it turned out I was able to replace the glass in that panel only, saving me a fortune that I did not want to spend. It took a week to get the glass and then they came in, removed the old glass and put in the new piece. It was all done quickly so I was able to get back to work in no time.


The house I rent was broken into a while back. I asked my landlord to put an extra lock on the front door. A week later Main-Glass phoned to arrange a time to install the new lock. I was able to work until my normal time of three and pick up my son. They were on time and finished the job so I could still take my son to Soccer at 5. I did not have to do anything. Payment was arranged by my real estate agent and the bill sent to them direct. All in all, it was very easy and my new lock is great.


I am a 76 year old woman, who lives alone and has no family close by, my son who lives in Sydney has been promising to put window locks onto my windows, since my husband died in 2011. When the hinges on my kitchen door broke, I got Main-Glass to come in and fix them. I explained to the young man that my son was going to put locks on my windows, but had not had a chance yet. Within 10 days Main-Glass had put locks on all my windows and limited the openings on the front windows, so now, even if I forget to close the window, they cannot open wide enough for anyone to get in. I can now go to sleep and feel safe. My son is also grateful because he does not have to worry about my safety anymore.


I work from home and my office, which is at the front of our house gets very hot in summer. Main-Glass came in and put a window tint on the windows so  now the heat is not as bad. They recommended a sound out window to reduce the noise. When I am ready, Main-Glass is going to put a second window in which will reduce the traffic noise a lot. But for now I am so grateful that the heat is bearable and I can even have clients come to the house.


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